Today, savvy investors allocate 2 to 10 percent of their portfolio to gold-related assets. Examples include gold stocks or ETFs, physical gold like Karatbars International’s CashGold product. Gold provides growth but is also a defensive play. In times of economic uncertainty, gold value increases. When recessions and other severe economic turmoil strike, wise investors rely on their gold allocations to offset losses in other assets.

The value of gold increases during tough times because it is accepted for trade throughout the world. No matter where you are, gold commands the price you expect. Gold prices rise predictably. Its value increased during the recession years of 2008 and 2009 and again during the recent years of worldwide economic recovery.

Scarcity drives gold’s value consistently higher. Because gold must be mined and mines with significant quantities are very rare, there can never be a sudden increase in supply, as with other assets. Unlike the fiat currencies the governments issue, no government possesses the capability to simply print as much gold as it wants.

Since the gold standard ended in 1973, governments have been printing currency to service their enormous debts. Average citizens pay for government largesse through taxes and the debasement of their currencies, which results from the constant creation of new money and debt. This is one reason why many people work harder and grow poorer. Smart investors know that those who hold gold retain the value of their portfolios.

dBuilding wealth and security for its clients

Karatbars International was founded in 2011 on the principle of bringing the power of gold’s stable and rising value to people around the world. By offering gold in quantities as small as one gram, Karatbars provides a method of acquiring gold that can be easily stored and easily exchanged.

The company maintains its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. This office serves as the logistical center for the company’s worldwide operations. Order processing, marketing, and customer support are all centrally located in Stuttgart. Orders for physical gold are shipped anywhere in the world via secure FedEx courier.

Sustainable growth through economic action, social responsibility, and environmental awareness underlie the company’s actions. The Karatbars philosophy includes serving clients‘ interests through transparent communications processes. Management works to always implement improved methods of bringing value to its customers.


CEO and founder Harald Seiz began his finance career in the 1980s, working in real estate and insurance industries. He then became an independent financial consultant, building businesses worth more than 360 million Euros. Believing strongly in the importance of commodities and precious metals as a counterweight to the inflationary nature of today’s fiat currencies, he founded Karatbars to help investors gain access to assets that preserve and enhance their wealth and independence.

In addition to his role as Karatbars CEO, Mr. Seiz also serves as a speaker about financial topics at economic conferences. Mr. Seiz notes that many investors base their strategies only on obtaining currency, which has the disadvantage of being diminished by inflation. Though a certain amount of inflation may not harm a broader economy, it can devastate the net worth of individuals.

Because gold’s value remains stable, it acts as a natural inflation barrier. As a currency inflates, gold becomes worth more of that currency. Mr. Seiz emphasizes how gold can help investors obtain the financial security everybody needs. He also gives extensively to charity, using the value of gold to enhance economic equality and fight poverty and hunger.


In 2017, Harald Seiz published the investor guide ‘The Future of Money’. Drawing upon his experience in finance and gold trading, he explores topics such as how money will work in the future, as digitization increasingly takes the place of cash. The book explores the many common anxieties about a future „cashless society“. It also illustrates how investors and all citizens should protect their savings and investments. Mr. Seiz explores current monetary restrictions governments have placed on citizens, such as those in India, as well as possible future impacts on the Eurozone.

The Future of Money explores many questions, including the following:

  • Will money continue as a means of exchange?
  • Will money be a means of anonymous payment?
  • Will money provide an opportunity to hoard wealth?
  • How will we pay in the future?
  • What forms will digitization open to us?
  • What forms could be forced on us by the state?
  • What forms could be forced on us by circumstances, like a crisis or catastrophe?
  • Are you prepared if online banking and ATMs no longer function?

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