Karatbars International

Building wealth and security for its clients

Karatbars International was founded in 2011 on the principle of bringing the power of gold’s stable and rising value to the world’s citizens. By offering gold in quantities as small as one gram, Karatbars provides a method of acquiring gold that can be easily stored and easily exchanged. Its new Karatgold Coin cryptocurrency allows investors to benefit from a new gold standard. Because it is backed by gold, as the U.S. dollar was during the years of the gold standard, Karatgold Coin holders are given a stable store of value. With gold behind it, Karatgold Coin retains the stability needed to serve as a means of exchange for real world goods and services.

The company maintains its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. This office serves as the logistical center for the company’s worldwide operations. Order processing, marketing, and customer support are all centrally located in Stuttgart. Orders for physical gold are shipped anywhere in the world via secure FedEx courier.

Karatbars produces gold from its mine in Nadir, Turkey. To obtain additional gold stores as backing for Karatgold Coin, the company entered into a joint-venture partnership for a gold mine in Madagascar, from which it obtained $900 million USD worth of auditor certified gold deposits.

CEO Harald Seiz announced the opening of Karat Bank in May, 2018. This fully licensed bank, located in Miami, Florida, brings banking services to cryptocurrency investors. The company also runs gold trading operations out of Singapore.

Sustainable growth through economic action, social responsibility, and environmental awareness underpin the company’s actions. The Karatbars philosophy includes serving clients‘ interests through transparent communications processes. Management works to always implement improved methods of bringing value to its customers.