Harald Seiz

CEO and founder Harald Seiz began his finance career in the 1980s, working in the property and insurance industries. He then became an independent financial consultant, building businesses of up to $360 million euros. Believing strongly in the importance of commodities and precious metals as a counterweight to the inflationary nature of today’s fiat currencies, he founded Karatbars to help investors gain access to assets that preserve and enhance their wealth and independence.

In addition to his role as Karatbars CEO, Mr. Seiz also serves as a speaker about financial topics at industry conferences. Mr. Seiz notes that many investors base their strategies only on obtaining currency, which has the disadvantage of being diminished by inflation. Though a certain amount of inflation may not harm a broader economy, it can devastate the net worth of individuals.

Because gold’s value remains stable, it acts as a natural inflation hedge. As a currency inflates, gold becomes worth more of that currency. Mr. Seiz emphasizes how gold can help investors obtain the financial security everybody needs. He also gives extensively to charity, using the value of gold to enhance economic equality and fight poverty and hunger.