The Future of Money

In 2017, Harald Seiz published the investor educational book The Future of Money. Drawing upon his experience in finance and gold trading, he explores topics such as how money will work in the future, as digitization increasingly takes the place of cash. The book explores the many common anxieties about a future „cashless society“. It also illustrates how investors and all citizens should protect their savings and investments. Mr. Seiz explores current monetary restrictions governments have placed on citizens, such as those in India, as well as possible future impacts on the Eurozone.

The Future of Money explores many questions, including the following:

  • Will money continue as a means of exchange?
  • Will money be a means of anonymous payment?
  • Will money provide an opportunity to hoard wealth?
  • How will we pay in the future?
  • What forms will digitization open to us?
  • What forms could be forced on us by the state?
  • What forms could be forced on us by circumstances, like a crisis or catastrophe?
  • Are you prepared if online banking and ATMs no longer function?