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Harald Seiz - Think Big

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Many of today’s worldwide products started with an idea that an impassioned entrepreneur knew was solid gold and had the tenacity to build. This mindset and determination brought us Berkshire Hathaway, CNN, Uber, and bitcoin. In the case of Harald Seiz, his vision was of a literal small gold bar, exactly 15 mm long, 9 mm wide, and 1 gram light.

Mr. Seiz reasoned that if he could provide a mechanism for delivering gold that was easily transportable, easily storable, and easily exchangeable, he could increase the level of gold ownership in the world. This would provide his clients with the financial security and independence that gold has brought people for millennia.

In 2011, he founded Karatbars International, now headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. The company attained a 480,000 person strong customer base in just seven years and generates 100 million Euros in annual sales. Karatbars owes much of its success to its signature product, CashGold. CashGold provides 15mm X 9mm, 24-karat gold bars in weights of 1 to 5 grams. The bars are packaged in credit card sized plastic carriers, which secure and protect the bars. The gram weight is indicated on the carrier in the format of a dollar bill.

CashGold is a hit because it provides a safe and convenient way for small investors to keep a portion of their holdings in pure gold. Like all successful businesses, it serves an important need of customers in a new, innovative, and improved way. Now people who never before owned gold have their own supply in quantities they can actually use.

To share the secrets of building a successful business based on a great idea, Harald Seiz has written Think Big, a business educational book that all entrepreneurs should read. Those who have ideas but have yet to formulate a plan for bringing those ideas into the world will find out how to develop a business from the ground up.

In addition to business development, the book covers the importance of doing exactly what the title suggests, thinking big. To succeed, entrepreneurs must conceive of changes and improvements that make a critical difference. When they do, the potential of their ideas becomes unlimited. This is how new businesses and industries form and succeed.

Think Big encourages you to live your dream as well as providing the recipe for making it happen. Mr. Seiz shares the secrets that allowed him to build a multimillion dollar international company with customers all over the world. Think Big becomes available in October, 2018. Anyone with the desire and heart to change the world needs to read this book.

Harald Seiz - Think Big
Harald Seiz – Think Big

Not one to rest on his laurels, Mr. Seiz and the Karatbars International team are hard at work growing market participation for their newest product, Karatgold Coin, the world’s first cryptocurrency backed by gold. Seeing the need for a cryptocurrency to have a value stable enough to make it function as an alternative means of payment, Karatbars has linked Karatgold Coin’s value to gold by making the token exchangeable for bullion.

Linked to the world’s most stalwart store of value, the coin is totally unique from other cryptocurrencies. Unlike bitcoin, it has the stability for use as a currency and an easy to use payment system. As its popularity and use rise, so will its value.

To bolster the coin, Karatbars International has entered a joint-venture with a gold mine in Madagascar that provides $900 million of gold for backing Karatgold Coin. It has also established a cryptocurrency bank, the Karatcoin Bank, located in Miami. Karatgold Coin is a sterling example of how thinking big can change the world.

It is another step in Mr. Seiz’s mission of creating economic equality and increased freedom and independence. As he explains, „Every single person should have the opportunity to buy gold in order to build up assets and ensure their security in a crisis-proof manner.“