Harald Seiz – Gold as hedge against currency collapse 

Harald Seiz CEO of Karatbars International has taken the step to try to share information with others about the great Karatgold Coin (KBC) and how it can be a hedge against a collapse in the value of currencies around the world. His name is Harald Seiz, and he wants everyone to understand that there is something special about this type of currency that they perhaps have not seen in the past.

The thing about Cashgold

The thing about Cashgold is that it is different from the other cryptocurrencies that are out in the market. It is tied up to the value of gold in some way. This means that it has less volatile movements in comparison to many of the other cryptocurrencies that Harald Seiz has observed. It also means that it might be a good hedge against the fall of currency prices in general. A lot of people will want to rush into gold when things start to decline, and this may make it easier for Karatgold Coin (KBC) to rise in value.

The newest exciting piece of news is that there is a fully-licensed bank that is just about to open which will allow traders to convert their Karatgold Coin (KBC) into Cashgold quickly and easily. This means that a person can change their cryptocurrency into regular cash in no time. It is something that has not been all that easy to do in the past, but the fact that the bank is now about to become a reality is a very exciting fact. It means that cryptocurrencies are about to become a lot more legitimate.

Harald Seiz: „There is a risk!“

People know that there is a risk that currencies all around the globe are going to suffer from global tensions and other economic issues that may make them less appealing in the long run. The fact is that if those currencies take a hit, then something that is connected to gold could see its price rise.

The exciting thing about this currency is that it is not as dull as just investing in gold straight up. There is something a bit sexier about saying that you are investing in cryptocurrency instead of gold. Still, you might want to have the ability to enjoy the value that gold carries with it without having to invest in it directly. If that sounds like something that appeals to you, then you need to make sure you get involved with this currency.

Take your risks in the stock market and currency markets if you wish, but if you believe that they are overvalued as many people do, then you are better off getting your stake in this currency. If anything, you can at least have some of your money in these currencies so as to protect the value of the rest of your portfolio. You can also use it for diversification purposes if nothing else. You want to make sure that you end up with just the right kind of mix for what you want to have in terms of your investments.